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Welcome to the S2Directory Project Site!

S2Directory is O/D Mapping(Object/Directory Mapping) (or O/L Mapping(Object/LDAP Mapping)) framework for Java applications. S2Directory makes it easier to use a directory server.

S2Directory based on S2Dao that is O/R Mapping(Object/Relational Mapping) framework without a XML document.

Latest News

2014-10-28: S2Directory 0.7.1 Released

S2Directory 0.7.1 Released

2014-10-28: S2DirectoryTiger 0.7.1 Released

S2DirectoryTiger 0.7.1 Released

2007-12-29: S2DirectoryGenerator 0.2 Released

S2DirectoryGenerator 0.2 Released


Old News

Directory Server

Product Support
OpenLDAP Server YES
Apache Directory Server YES (but, SSHA and SMD5 are not supported in ApacheDS 1.0-RC3)
Red Hat Directory Server YES
Fedora Directory Server YES
Microsoft Active Directory Server YES
Sun Java System Directory Server YES
IBM Tivoli Directory Server Unknown
Novell eDirectory Server Unknown


Project Leader


  • Takuto Wada